Germany shootings: German president says ‘We won’t be intimidated

Germany shootings: German president says ‘We won’t be intimidated

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Prosecutors say a man with a “deeply racist mentality” is responsibility for shootings at two hookah bars in the town of Hanau near Frankfurt. Follow the developments live.

  • Attacks at two hookah bars in the city of Hanau left nine people dead and four injured.
  • The 43-year-old suspected perpetrator was later found dead at his home along with the body of his mother.
  • Five Turkish nationals are among the victims of the attack.
  • Federal prosecutors say the suspect, a German national, had a “deeply racist mentality.”
    All updates are in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)
    18:00 DW’s Editor-in-Chief Ines Pohl has called for greater political action against hate that she says has reached “the heart of the country.” Read her views here.
    17:41 Ending his speech at the vigil in Hanau, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said, “We stand together, we hold together, we want to live together, and we show again and again that it is the strongest measure against hate.”
    17:38 “Today is the day we must show that we will hold together. We won’t be intimidated.” -German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
    17:36 German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier is speaking now. “I stand on the side of people who are threatened with hate and violence,” he said.
    17:35 “We hold together, and everyone who thinks they can tear us apart, we say to them: We will never give a millimeter for this free democracy. Not only today, not just in Hanau, but everywhere.” -Hesse State Premier Volker Bouffier
    17:34 Hesse State Premier Volker Bouffier is speaking in Hanau. “We must do everything so that everyone in this country can live without fear. We won’t be split apart. We belong together,” he said in his speech.
    17:31 The vigil in Hanau has begun with a speech from the city’s mayor Klaus Kaminsky.
    “Hanau is proud of the fact that, for centuries, people with different beliefs and different national backgrounds have lived peacefully together day after day.”
    17:17 In Berlin, mourners observed a minute of silence and formed a human chain.
    16:57 The German solidarity alliance Unteilbar has organized last-minute vigils to take place in dozens of cities around Germany tonight. Many are beginning now, with more memorial services due to take place on Saturday.
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