Waiting for passengers with signs banned at Istanbul Airport

Waiting for passengers with signs banned at Istanbul Airport

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Waiting for passengers with signs at the terminal is banned, in accordance with the decision taken by the security commission of Istanbul Airport.

The most important duty in the transfer of tourists belongs to the airports and Istanbul Airport needs to be built in a more modern and guest-oriented center, İsmail Şanlı, the regional governor of the airport said.

Meeting lounge sections were put into service to prevent passengers from confusion at the terminal exit, Şanlı added.

With the development of tourism in Turkey, this ban will add strength to the point of preventing undesirable behaviors that operate under the name of a “backstreet agency,” Şanlı noted.

“As of Dec. 31, we will remove the waiting for guests with banners. Any fees until March 31 will not be paid; after that, a contribution will be paid to cover the services here but not for trade purposes,” Şanlı said.

“We will consider meeting a passenger with a banner inside the airport as “backstreet agentship,” he added.__Hurriyet

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