Dua Mangi’s abductors demand $250,000 for her release

Dua Mangi’s abductors demand $250,000 for her release

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ISLAMABAD: Six days after Dua Mangi, a law student from Pakistan’s Karachi, was abducted from an upscale neighbourhood of the crime-ridden city, her abductors have demanded a hefty ransom of $250,000 from her family for her release.
Dua, who is in her early twenties, was walking with her friend Haris Soomro on October 30 when unidentified attackers shot Soomro and took her away.
Police said the ransom demand was made through WhatsApp. Since the last three days, her family has been contacted several times, police sources said, adding that the abductors insisted on a ransom of $250,000 when they last contacted Dua’s parents.
While many such cases, like the abduction of Hindu girls in rural parts of Sind province, that frequently take place across the country go unnoticed, Dua’s abduction had raised a storm on social media after her sister, Laila Mangi, posted Dua’s picture on Facebook with the news that she had been abducted. She asked her followers to keep an eye out and inform the family if they saw her anywhere. One of her cousins made a similar request on Twitter.
The responses on social media posts, however, turned into a verbal war between radical and moderate elements. Her critics blamed her for wearing a sleeveless top and roaming late at night with a male friend, pointing out that she deserved to be abducted as she asked for it. Dua’s supporters, meanwhile, questioned the moral standards of her detractors.

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