Harvard students boycott Israeli diplomat’s talk on campus

Harvard students boycott Israeli diplomat’s talk on campus

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While giving a talk in the Harvard Law School, the Israeli Consul-General in New York Dani Dayan had to face an almost empty auditorium after almost a hundred students walked out to express their protest against the “settler” state.

At the time, Dayan was delivering a session on “The Legal Strategy of Israeli Settlements” for an event at the campus in Cambridge. As soon as he was invited on stage, students suddenly stood, carrying placards saying: “Settlements are a war crime”.

Dayan immediately dismissed the students, saying that it was something that reminded him of “kindergarten”. For the rest of his session however, none of these students returned to the auditorium.

The United Nations is calling the current situation in Gaza the worst “flare-up” in months, as Israeli air raids and shelling pummels the small strip of Palestinian territory. The much larger West Bank, which is also Palestinian territory, is constantly shrinking as a result of the settlements that Dayan was at Harvard to endorse.

Each year, Israeli public relations officers have to contend with massive rallies in favor of the Palestinian cause, as the scale of Israeli violence towards Palestinians becomes more and more apparent internationally.__The Nation

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