Austria: Postal votes brings Greens to win three more seats

Austria: Postal votes brings Greens to win three more seats

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VIENNA: The postal voters reached a record of 925,090 votes or 917,927 valid votes in the Parliament elections – and they have stirred up a lot. The seat levels of all parties have changed compared to Sunday. Election winner ÖVP lost two to 71 seats. The Greens profited greatly: They gain three more seats on 26 – and have thus achieved their best Parliament result of all time.

The NEOS also performed better than average in the postal ballot, which was counted on Monday – and they reached to 15 seat. The two losers who lost National Assembly seats are the SPÖ with 40 and the FPÖ with 31 members of Parliament.

The change of number of seats did not change the possible coalition partner. The ÖVP would have a majority in parliament both with its current partner FPÖ, as well as with the SPÖ or the Greens. A red-blue coalition – before which the People’s Party (ÖVP) always warned in the election campaign – is far from providing half (92) of the 183 members. The SPÖ and FPÖ can only reach on the 71 members which the ÖVP already has alone.

ÖVP lost by postal ballots almost one percent

The unusual thing in this postal vote was that the SPÖ – which had always profited in the end – lost a bit this time to 21.22 percent. The ÖVP continued the pattern observed in the EU election, that it decreases by the postal ballots in the share of votes.

Two years after being expelled from the National Council, the Greens have achieved their best NR result since their founding with 13.80 percent. Also the NEOS got (in their third election) with 8,06 per cent their Top position. The list JETZT – which had taken eight seats in 2017 – this year, including the postal vote, was well below the four percent hurdle, at 1.85 percent.

Official final result on Thursday

Only when the last election card is counted on Thursday will there be a final result, but that will not change anything in the recent scanrio.

Turquoise-green mandate majority

The election winner ÖVP achieved 71 seats (plus nine), the SPÖ 40 (minus twelve), the FPÖ 31 (minus 20), the Greens 26 (they were not represented in the last National Assembly) and the NEOS 15 (plus five). Thus, contrary to most surveys, the ÖVP and the Greens have a fairly stable majority. Together they have 97 seats in the new National Assembly- a surplus of five mandates. Of course, the ÖVP also has the opportunity to co-organize with the SPÖ or continue with the FPÖ

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