Saudi oil fire is a winner for the US and its plans for war with Iran – Kim Dotcom

Saudi oil fire is a winner for the US and its plans for war with Iran – Kim Dotcom

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The biggest beneficiary of the Saudi oil facility drone attack is the US, Kim Dotcom has said, claiming that the incident will have a number of positives for President Donald Trump’s administration.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for the drone attack on the Kingdom’s Aramco oil processing facilities and oil field on Saturday, which caused a large fire and has slowed oil production. According to the Megaupload founder, the incident will trigger a number of convenient events that will help the US.

The US already briefly overtook Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest crude exporter, and has a significant spare oil capacity. The only other countries with similar capacity are Iran and Venezuela, both of which have experienced vastly reduced exports as a result of US sanctions.

Despite the Houthi claims of responsibility, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo alleged late Saturday that Tehran is responsible for the “unprecedented attack on the world’s energy supply,” saying there is “no evidence the attacks came from Yemen.”

According to Dotcom, the US blaming Iran will allow it to then “go to war, take control of Iran’s oil which pays for the war.”

Tensions between the US and Iran are already high, and members of the Trump administration, including Pompeo, appear eager to escalate things further. The US pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal last year, despite Tehran adhering to its conditions, and it continues to impose new sanctions on the country.

It has also accused Iran of working with Al-Qaeda, and of being behind two attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman in May and June. In June, Trump reportedly pulled back from a planned military strike on Iran at the last minute after it shot down a US drone.

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