US Supreme Court allows Trump’s order to curb asylum seekers

US Supreme Court allows Trump’s order to curb asylum seekers

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The US Supreme Court on Wednesday allowed the Trump administration to enforce a new rule it had issued earlier to deny asylum to those showing up at the country’s southern border without having sought similar relief in Mexico or any other country they crossed on their way.

The order had been blocked from being implemented by lower courts in California. The Supreme Court lifted the block, handing another victory to US President Donald Trump in his administration’s efforts to curb the inflow of migrants through the southern border.

“Some really big Court wins on the Border lately!” Trump wrote on Twitter Thursday. The apex court had earlier allowed the administration to divert $2.5 billion from the Pentagon’s approved budget for building a portion of the wall being built along the border with Mexico to prevent people from entering the United States illegally.

The new order unblocked by the court on Wednesday will allow the administration to deny asylum to those who did not seek it before in countries they crossed — essentially Mexico — to reach the United States, mostly people from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala fleeing poverty and gang violence..

Though much smaller in numbers, people from India have also used the same route to reach the United States to seek asylum, alleging, mostly, political persecution at home.

The United States has pressed Mexico to sign a “safe third country” agreement, which would make it mandatory for people crossing Mexico to seek asylum or some form of protection there. Mexico has refused, but has taken measures to prevent people from entering through its own border in the south and also those seeking to cross into the US.

A nationwide block was put on the order, which was issued in July, by a federal district judge in California, which was reduced in scope to apply only to California and Arizona by a court of appeals. But another federal district judge ordered a nationwide stay on Monday.__Hindustan Times

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