Fair Voyage launches first booking platform for travellers to compare and customise sustainable trips

Fair Voyage launches first booking platform for travellers to compare and customise sustainable trips

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Zürich, 2/09/2019. Fair Voyage, a Zürich-based start-up, is launching a first-of-its-kind booking platform. It allows travellers to compare, customise and book verified sustainable multi-day trips directly online. Fair Voyage makes it easy for travellers to have a positive impact during their trip. All our local partners are third-party verified sustainable tour companies, who work consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

You may wonder … why are we doing this?

An increasing amount of travellers want to travel more sustainably. At the same time, the demand for customised multi-day tours is growing. Fair Voyage is a newly developed booking platform that unites these two trends. We combine the high service, quality and security of international travel agencies with the efficiency, comparability and transparency of online platforms.

Many travellers want to compare offers, but they don’t want to spend hours researching to find the trip that best matches their travel needs. Moreover, making sure that every part of your trip has a positive impact is another challenge. Where do you find your best offers? How do you know if you can trust online information? Where can you compare different offers and where should you book? Different options – for example budget or premium tours – should be in one place and the differences between these options need to be made more transparent. And this why Fair Voyage was created.

We turn travel into a force for good by connecting conscious travellers with verified sustainable local tour operators. We believe that making it easy to book a sustainable trip is the best way to promote and help travellers support responsible tourism practices.

“Booking a sustainable vacation should be as easy as buying organic tomatoes in a supermarket, and I’m excited about partnering with the world’s most sustainable local companies and responsible travel organisations to make this vision a reality.” –

Alexandra Pastollnigg, founder of Fair Voyage.

We currently offer trips to Africa and – soon – the Himalayas as our expertise is centred around these regions. We screen each new partner individually and request that they are certified by independent third-party organisations like for example Travelife. This way we can guarantee that our local tour operators pay fair wages, respect fair porter treatment and protect as well as preserve local communities and ecosystems. More destinations will follow soon as we are expanding our expertise globally.

… and HOW are we doing this?

The intelligent system that we built indexes and categorises every single component that forms an essential or optional part of a trip. When we talk about components, we refer to every building block you need to be able to create a trip. These are accommodation, location, activity, qualification of a tour guide, type of equipment and anything else that is relevant for travellers to customise their dream vacation directly online.

On our website, we propose various trips with detailed itineraries and information to help travellers intuitively find and customise their best matching trip. Subsequently, we put travellers directly in contact with our local destination experts. He or she will give answers to any remaining questions and help to further finalise all trip details until the itinerary meets every personal requirement 100 % and is truly unique.

Different from traditional agencies, we don’t subcontract with only one local tour operator in each destination. Our goal is to help travellers find their best offer amongst all responsible tour operators. Whether you are looking for budget or luxurious options, we have something for everyone.

Through our system, we make life easier for travellers while at the same time support the world’s most sustainable local tour operators. We make it easy for them to manage their tour content through our website and to promote unique authentic travel experiences directly to conscious travellers globally.

Your payment is in Swiss hands

Once travellers are 100% satisfied with their custom trip proposal, the last step is to pay safely and securely through the Fair Voyage platform in order to confirm your booking. In contrast to pure online platforms, Fair Voyage is fully registered as a Swiss travel agency. This means that your payment to Fair Voyage – no matter where you are travelling to in the world – is safely insured according to the highest international standards in Switzerland.

Contact information

For more information please reach out to Yana Pannecoucke // Alexandra Pastollnigg via media@fairvoyage.com.

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