Discomposure after judgment; SPÖ local councillor abused child of his girlfriend

Discomposure after judgment; SPÖ local councillor abused child of his girlfriend

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Violent discomposure around a SPÖ politician in Kapfenberg. The man had abused the child of his girlfriend and was also convicted for that. The mayor of his municipality, he apparently hid the process. On Thursday evening he resigned, according to SPÖ. Interesting thing is; one of his tasks was the youth policy.

This incident makes speechless. A Kapfenberg SPÖ council has abused in January the then four-year-old son of his partner, reports “Servus News”. The little Tobias had choking on the neck and bruises on his face. The man should have been overwhelmed to take care of the boys.

The local politician was sentenced by the district court Bruck for personal injury to a fine of 3000 euros. The judgment has recently become final. Nevertheless, he excerised his mandate until the TV report.

“Has nothing to do in politics”

The Kapfenberg FPÖ vice-mayor Reinhard Richter demanded his resignation from the local council while speaking to “Servus News. He said, “who takes on four-year-old children, has nothing to do in politics.”

SPÖ mayor Fritz Kratzer stated that he not informed about the incident until Thursday. He suggested to his party colleague to resign all offices. According to the SPÖ sources the man accused resigned from his office on Thursday evening .On Friday, the convicted person will also return the party membership.

The Styrian SPO leader and Deputy Governor Michael Schickhofer who also a father of three expressd his shock by the violence. “We have immediately have taken appropriate measures and the person concerned is no longer a councillor and will also return his membership in the SPÖ,” claimed Schickhofer.

“Not a millimeter space in our party”

Also the SPÖ said in a statement that the entire Styrian SPÖ condemns the violence of a local councillor in Kapfenberg in the strongest terms. We do not accept this behavior in any way and such values do not have a millimeter space in our party. “__Krone.at

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