Austria: Trains collide in Vienna, Three people injured

Austria: Trains collide in Vienna, Three people injured

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VIENNA: On Monday afternoon there was a train accident in Vienna’s Floridsdorf district. A fast train set collided on the open side with an unoccupied ÖBB city shuttle. The two trains partially derailed. Four people were injured. The affected trains were evacuated. The train service was temporarily suspended.

The collision of the two passenger trains has occurred between Floridsdorf station and Siemensstraße station in the area of an intersection of tracks. About 60 passengers were recovered from the trains. The Viennese professional rescue had initially reported for three slightly injured. Rescue worker Corina Had announced two female passengers suffered from bruises, a teenager complained of abdominal pain. All three were provided first aid by the Viennese professional rescue, which was on the spot with the K-train. “Luckily,” said Had.

The fire brigade had finished its mission after 6.30 pm, the ÖBB tried to get the damaged as quickly as possible from the tracks.

As a result of the accident, regional trains were redirected toward Hohenau and Laa an der Thaya via Stadlau. The train service between Siemensstraße and Vienna-Floridsdorf was

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