Austrian Ex Chanceloor Kurz on “Fake Mails”: “Trying to involve me in Ibiza scandal”

Austrian Ex Chanceloor Kurz on “Fake Mails”: “Trying to involve me in Ibiza scandal”

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VIENNA: ÖVP boss Sebastian Kurz has addressed a press conference on Monday to disclose a “fake scandal”. The press conference, which was also attended by General Secretary Karl Nehammer, has a “relatively serious cause”, as Kurz emphasized at the beginning of his statement. It was about “with high criminal energy fake emails”, which should give the impression that the ÖVP already knew in 2018 about the video scandal from Ibiza. Specifically, it is according to the ÖVP boss to an e-mail traffic between him and his former interior Minister Gernot Blümel. “We are defamed and involved in the Ibiza scandal,” claimed Kurz.

Kurz Briefly stressed again and again that he and his party was aware of the existence of the secret recordings, ex-Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FPÖ) and the former FPÖ club chairman Johann Gudenus in conversation with a supposed Russian oligarchy niece over election influence and illegal party donations show, just only a few weeks ago.

Kurz requested people to “Be critical of social media”

Kurz expressed his gratitude not only to the IT experts who “successfully prosecuted” the suspected counterfeiting over the weekend, but also to those journalists who “took their journalistic due diligence seriously” and did not publish everything unchecked. At the same time, the campaigning ex-Chancellor turned to the people with a request: “It is important to be critical of all information in social media.”

Evidence of forgery

Nehammer spoke of five proofs that proved they were counterfeits. Among other things, the sender address is one that has been used for years only as a receiving address of the ÖVP. In addition, the date of a mail is wrong: February 27, 2018 was cited as Monday. In truth, it was a Tuesday.

There was no information about the possible originator or the content of the mails. In his own words, Nehammer and Kurz only have screenshots of the electronic mail. However, the OVP already sees the evidence as sufficient enough for an ad to the public prosecutor’s office – which was announced at the press conference.

FPÖ: “Something is denied that nobody has seen yet”

The FPÖ described the press conference as a “flight to the front”. General Secretary Christian Hafenecker said: “Holding a press conference to deny something no-one has ever seen seems a bit strange.” He found it strange that Kurz and Nehammer had not said a word about the content. In addition, statements from ÖVP circles weeks before the release of the Ibiza video “explosive win,” after which “the Strache will no long exist,” said Hafenecker, who again demanded a complete enquiry.

The time of hastily called press conference is interesting in any. Kurz had made a stop on the day before on his election campaign in the Wiener Stadthalle and received a “blessing prayer” from the evangelical preacher Ben Fitzgerald. Critics see it as an abuse of religion for election purposes. The ÖVP reported the that the two dates of Sebastian Kurz had nothing to do with each other.

The program in the Stadthalle was also a hot topic of the press conference on Monday and several journalists ask question to the Kurz in this regard. The OVP chief defended himself and said that it was publically known that he had appeared in various faith communities in the

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