Chancellor Kurz ask EU to end the “patronizing”

Chancellor Kurz ask EU to end the “patronizing”

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VIENNA: Just two weeks before the EU election, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) adds to his previous reform proposals for the European Union a vehement criticism of the “regulatory madness” and “patronizing” by Brussels. Kurz demands the EU: “Instead To ask more and more money, the EU should stop instructing people about how to live. “The Opposition accuses Kurz of” own fault “and criticizes the Chancellor.

The Chancellor calls Specifically for the removal of 1,000 unspecified EU regulations or the return of the power of these regulations to the member states in an opinion submitted to the APA.

“Nobody needs specifications for schnitzel preparation”

“People demand answers from the EU on major issues such as security, external border control or climate change,” argues the Chancellor. “But no one needs EU regulations, for example for the preparation of schnitzel and chips.”

The freedom project Europe is increasingly becoming a “tight bureaucracy corset” for the citizens, complains Kurz. So far, no initiative has been taken to stop the “regulatory madness” and critical question. “If we want to inspire people more for Europe again, we must stop the tutelage from Brussels.”

Leichtfried: “Chancellor is responsible for all EU decisions”

When Kurz “complains about EU patronage, this is his own failure,” criticized SPÖ deputy parlimanetry leader Jörg Leichtfried and accused him of inaction. Kurz is the part of government since last six years and he is responsible as Chancellor for “all EU decisions in the circle of EU leaders”.

The former MEP Leichtfried remember the statements of Kurz ‘into the style of coalition partner FPÖ. “The ÖVP and the freedom are no longer distinguishable”. He suggests in a similar tone as one of his party leader Andreas Schieder.

Meinl-Reisinger: “Key words in the camp of right-wing populists”

“Kurz takes over the fight for the votes now in the Europe-hostile line of the FPÖ,” said NEOS leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger, who returns from her baby break. The two terms used by Kurz, “Patronage by Brussels” and “Regulatory madness” are “keywords in the camp of nationalists and right-wing populists”.

Meinl-Reisinger was astonished in a press release on Sunday that Kurz attacks the “bureaucrats in Brussels”, especially since the European People’s Party (EPP / EPP), to which the ÖVP belongs, has dominated the “structures” for decades and the ÖVP has always ruled the Austrian

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