Blackmailers gang threatens food giants with poison in Vienna

Blackmailers gang threatens food giants with poison in Vienna

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Red alert at Europe’s security agencies! Unknown people are currently extorting dozens of food companies – threatening to to poison the food items for sale in shelf with the deadly oleander ornamental plant. As the “news paper” learned, a letter to the “business group” fluttered into the house of a Viennese company.

“We are not terrorists, not mentally ill. What we want? Same as you; the money. We want 300,000 euros “. Dozens of threatening letters (all posted on April 1 in Belgium) in the same terms were sent to food giants in half of Europe.

The money should be transferred in Internet currency to a Bitcoin account. If not, this would have fatal consequences: “As you know, it is very easy to put a little poison (powder, liquid) in one of your products on the supermarket shelves. Can you imagine the devastating impact on your company’s image when customers poison themselves? “

To put weight to their gloomy threat, the extortionists also put samples of the poison in powder form into the envelopes. And all the analyzes came to the same conclusion: It is the most dangerous poison of the oleander ornamental plant.

Domestic investigators in special investigation team

The respective competent security authorities first call it a national problem, but it quickly became clear that this also affects dozens of food giants (including sweets, coffee and frozen foods) across Europe. Whether in Italy, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, England or Germany.

And as the “Krone (newspaper)” learned from a reliable source, a domestic giant enterprise in Vienna is also on the “Penpals list” of blackmailers. That is why red-white-red crime investigators are now being sent to Europol’s European Police Department in The Hague to be a part of the international special investigation team that has been set up.

“We take the threat very seriously.

We do not know whether we are ‘just’ dealing with an indebted family man or a gang of unscrupulous professional criminals, ” saidan Europol investigator. Either way, the clock is ticking! The deadline set by the blackmailers for the transfers ends on May 20 …

Deadly flowers

The oleander (popularly also rose laurel) is an ornamental plant from the family of the dog poison plants. Originally it comes from the Mediterranean area and was formerly used as a medicinal plant.

As beautiful as the flowers are, but is so dangerous. It contains the poison glycoside oleandrin from the roots to the flowers. The poison causes both external and internal poisoning phenomena. The symptoms after consumption: headache, nausea, cramps – up to cardiac arrhythmia or complete cardiac arrest. Scientific tests have shown that one gram of dried glycoside oleandrin is enough to kill a 45 kilo

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