Austria: Assault in the fatuity apartment as a motive for horror murder of a Pakistani

Austria: Assault in the fatuity apartment as a motive for horror murder of a Pakistani

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The Tiroler provincial crime office feverishly investigates the terrible knife murder in Innsbruck. On Thursday morning, the officials took position on the current state of investigation, while they announced horrible details.

The victim is a 28-year-old Pakistani who was convicted as a sex offender. The State Office of Criminal Investigation suspects a sexual assault of the man as a motive for the act.

The body of the Pakistani was covered with blood lies on the floor in the apartment in Innsbruck – his throat was cutted, his right hand completely severed, and apparently had several abdominal stings. Right in the middle of the bloodbath; the owner of the house (22) from India as well as two women (20 and 21 years) also with Indian roots.

Investigator: “Plenty of alcohol”

According to the current investigation, the four attendees had consumed “plenty of alcohol” in the apartment during the night on Wednesday, at around 3 am there was an escalation. The Indian had just claimed to be in the bathroom when he heard a call for help from one of the women. When he left the toilet, he found that the Pakistani was standing in the room with a kitchen knife about twenty centimeters long, the murder weapon, and apparently had committed an attack on one of the two women – according to the suspect on his girlfriend, the 20- years.

Fatal scuffle

According to the Police, the 22-year-old Indian is a legal resident of Austria has several restaurants in Tyrol and had recently accused in a complaint for imprisonment and assault. He speaks to the Pakistani according to his own statement. It came to a scuffle between the two men, the Pakistani is said to have fallen and rammed the knife during the fall in the chest.

Furious, stabbed

Then he had stabbed “out of enragedr” because of the alleged assault several times on the 28-year-olds, cut his throat and cut off his right hand, stated the main suspect. The latter act was obviously because the Pakistani had assaulted with the right hand or the immoral touch of the woman, said chief investigator Walter Pupp.

Pupp stressed that there is still doubts about the exact sequence of events. A sexual assault from both men on the women before the crime could also be a motive. There are partial contradiction on the statements of the person from the crime scene. Anyhow, there are currently no indications that the two young women present there were involved in the killing.

The killed man was a convicted sex offender

However, it is clear that the victims and potential perpetrators have known each other, says Pupp. And even to the police was the later victim not a stranger. According to state criminal investigation, killed pakistani was convicted sex offender. In 2014, he had committed around a dozen actual and attempted assaults on women in Innsbruck, claims Pupp. As a result, he served a five-year prison sentence, but was released from prison after three years.

There was an “entry ban for eight years” against the killed Pakistani, the conditions for a detention were not given after a decision of the Federal Office for asylum and foreign affairs. The man lived after his release, according to Pupp in northern Italy, but kept visiting Tyrol repeatedly as a “submarine”. The 28-year-old had applied for asylum, but his application was refused. Also a subsequent application made by the now-victim. For the three suspects, the police applied for an investigative

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