Kashmir: Protests break out in Azad Kashmir over custodial death of political activist

Kashmir: Protests break out in Azad Kashmir over custodial death of political activist

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MUZAFFARABAD: People in Muzaffarabad took to the streets to protest against the “cold-blooded” custodial killing of a political activist. Demonstrators shouted anti-police and anti-government solgans, blocked roads and burnt tyres in anger. They demanded an immediate probe into the death of activist Raja Waqar Turk.

In an attempt to quell the mounting anger against the adminstration and to save itself from media and public scrutiny, the government has formed an inquiry commission which comprises of people who, activists claim, were “perpetrators of the crime.”

“They called us in SSP office. They searched and enquired. Now, the SHO (Station House Officer) of the city’s police station whose personal were involved in the incident is a member of the inquiry committee. SHO and DSP are members of the committee. As per the law, I believe, a party involved in the crime cannot be a member of the committee. In this case, the same people who have committed the crime are the judges,” said a friend of the deceased.

An incriminating CCTV footage – in which a group of policemen are seen going inside the premises where Raja was detained is suggestive of an orchestrated barbarity. Allegedly, the threw Raja off a building in which he sustained grave injuries.

Raja, who died on Tuesday night, had been on a life support machine since March 28.

The people of Azad Kashmir claim to have been reeling under Pakistani subjugation for more than seven decades. The region has been marginalised socially, economically and politically, locals have alleged.

Activist and locals have long blamed that security forces have been meting out atrocities with impunity. Forces resort to cruelty in order to muzzle even a whisper of dissent in the region, the claim.__ANI

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