Austria: Fifth murder in 2019; stabbed in the neck, Woman (32) killed in Tulln

Austria: Fifth murder in 2019; stabbed in the neck, Woman (32) killed in Tulln

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Austria: Fifth murder in 2019; Stabbed in the neck, Woman (32) killed in Tulln
VIENNA: The next fatal bloodshed shakes Austria: A 32-year-old woman died on Monday in the Lower Austrian town of Tulln in a parking lot in front of a supermarket after she was allegedly attacked by her own husband.

The victim suffered several stabs in the neck and died on the spot. The 36-year-old suspect was arrested. He comes from Macedonia like his wife.

The bloody act happend in the afternoon in the parking lot of a supermarket in Tulln. The 36-year-old alleged perpetrator attacked his own wife with an unknown sharp object and the 32-year-old stabbed several times in the neck.

The victim had no survival chance and succumbed to her serious injuries on the spot, reported police spokesman Heinz Holub.

The Macedonian was arrested. Police is investigating the motive or the background of the murder.

Fifth lethal act of violence against women this year

A staggering series continues: Since the beginning of the year, five women in Austria have been killed as a result of violent crime, four of them in Lower Austria, with one death in Vienna. On January 8, a 40-year-old was also allegedly executed in Amstetten by her husband with 38 stab wounds, only a day later killed a 50-year-old woman was killed by a knife in the market town Krumbach. The suspects are in custody.

In the morning hours of January 13th, the next devastating act happend in a park in Wiener Neustadt. Tucked away under a pile of leaves,16-year-old Manuela K. was found strangled. The immediate suspect Yazan A. was later arrested in Vienna. He is in custody.

In the night of January 15, the argument of a sibling couple ended fatally in Vienna. 25-year-old Eyerus E. was allegedly attacked with a knife by her 21-year-old brother and injured so badly that she died at the

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