Stefan Lofven elected as Sweden’s PM for second term

Stefan Lofven elected as Sweden’s PM for second term

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STOCKHOLM: After 131 days without government, the Swedish Parliament approved on Friday Stefan Lofven as Prime Minister for a second four-year term.

A total of 115 MPs voted yes, 153 voted no and 77 abstained. To be elected, Lofven did not need to secure a majority of the vote. As long as fewer than 175 of the 349-member parliament voted against him, he would be elected.

“I take on this mission with humility and determination,” Lofven said at the press conference held soon after the announcement.

“It is high time that ordinary work in Parliament is getting started now,” said Lofven.

Lofven can now form a coalition government together with the Green Party and in budget cooperation with the Center Party and the Liberals. He will present his ministers in the new government on Monday.

“Sweden gets a strong government that is not dependent on the Sweden Democrats,” Lofven said.

On Sept. 25, in a mandatory no-confidence vote after Sweden’s Sept. 9 election left no main political bloc with an absolute majority, the centre-left Prime Minister lost his position with 142 votes against 204.__The Nation

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