Kashmir: PPP strongly condemned widespread corruption in GB

Kashmir: PPP strongly condemned widespread corruption in GB

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GILGIT: President Pakistan Peoples Party Gilgit-Baltistan Amjad Hussain Advocate has said that three government ministers acknowledged the sales of jobs and government failures, they would also confess sales of contracts in few days. If we speak against corruption and sales of contracts, the investigative agencies ask for proof. It is the duty of investigative agencies to gather proofs.

PPP leader warned,  “We will not  accept any government commission against corruption, so that the judicial  commission should be formed or the NAB should investigate and open its eyes and do not let GB’s CM Hafeez ur Rehman free to collect corruption anymore.

Otherwise it will be proved that Hafeez is a rampage of institutions. The judicial system is not fully functional in Gilgit-Baltistan, otherwise the corruption would not have been a common practice.

Amjad Hussain also expressed his view on Current case regarding GB rights in SCP and said that „The Supreme Court of Pakistan will give Gilgit-Baltistan an explicit decision regarding constitutional and political rights. Which all political parties could   not do seventy years that the Supreme Court is going to do in few months?

He further added that the Supreme Court Bhutto’s decision to withdraw PPP’s name from ECL is the victory of truth and justice is prevailed.

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