Austria: “No asylum for refugees came by smugglers” claim Kickl

Austria: “No asylum for refugees came by smugglers” claim Kickl

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VIENNA: Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) does not wants to grant asylum to refugees who have arrived in Europe with the help of smugglers. Anyone who proves that he has used the help of smugglers should get a negative asylum decision in the future, said Kickl on Tuesday in the ORF program “Report”. The current law must be adapted accordingly.

It must go in this direction, “demanded the FPÖ minister. It is not fair that someone who can afford a human trafficker, have more chances of asylum than others. Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) struck a similar note in the “Report”. “It is not the poorest who flee, but the ones who can afford people smuggler.”

Chancellor Kurz: “smash business model”

Taht is a mistake that in Africa the impression has been created that “these people could get through to Europe”. This also caused “deaths in the Mediterranean”, such as camps in Libya, where African migrants were “enslaved and tortured”. “We have to smash the trafficking business model,” demanded Kurz.

“Help on the spot”

The aim of the EU-Africa Forum, which was held on Tuesday in Vienna, was therefore also to strengthening of the economy on the African continent, said the ÖVP Chancellor and current EU Council President. “It is our Christian Social responsibility that the conditions there are better.” Therefore, it is important to strengthen the “help on the ground”. But that does not mean that migration can be stopped automatically .

Siemens Group plans to Invest another € 500 million to Africa

At the EU-Africa Forum, several leading EU countries politicians were present. That, for example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had not come to Vienna, saw Kurz but calm. “The Chancellor in honor,” he said, but more importantly, African and European “CEOs” had participated in the forum. Unlike politicians, they would “invest.” The Siemens Group announced that it would “spend another 500 million euros” on Africa. That’s important, as Africa has to create “18 million new jobs every year,” because “the population explosion is so dramatic.”

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