Pakistan has failed to act proactively on Kashmir issue: Shireen Mazari

Pakistan has failed to act proactively on Kashmir issue: Shireen Mazari

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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari has said that in the wake of UN Report on Kashmir, Pakistan has failed to act proactively on Kashmir issue.

It is time for the government to present a blue print for conflict resolution premised upon the principle of self-determination and plebiscite. Pakistan must avoid to pay lip service to UNSC’s resolutions on self-determination.

It is unfortunate that the state and successive governments have failed to work on practical solution of the Kashmir dispute. She was addressing as the Chief Guest for the concluding session at the International Conference on “UN Report on Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir: Demographic Changes and Societal Implications” organised by Pakistan House, Think Tank of International Affairs on Saturday.

Addressing the conference, Dr Shireen Mazari condemned the worst human rights violations and brutalities in IOK by India. She said the time has come to move beyond rhetoric for the support for Kashmiris, struggling for their right to self-determination and take concrete steps for the solution of Kashmir issue. She said Pakistan’s legitimacy in Kashmir conflict is based on UN resolutions, so we should not deviate from UN resolutions.

India had itself took Kashmir issue to UN. She criticized previous government for not raising the Kashmir issue in letter and spirit. She suggested concrete measures and need to take on the world for the resolution of the Kashmir dispute. Shireen Mazari stressed on UN resolution implementation on Kashmir issue and said we should keep reiterating implementing United Nations resolutions.

Speaking on the occasion, Shireen Mazari presented a concrete proposal aimed at taking Kashmir issue to the world. Dr Mazari said Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) report on Kashmir came out earlier this year and we need to move proactively on this report.

She said Pakistan should demand the international investigation in IOK as the UN report does adding that we need to draw attention of international community on legal and other forums about the human rights abuses particularly against women by India. She said we should continue emphasizing on implementation of UN report.

Dr Mazari suggested in her conflict resolution model that Pakistan should propose a solution of the Kashmir problem resembling the Irish Peace Accord adding that we should press the Kashmir case on the lines of the East Timor independence based on the concept of self determination. She further stated that Pakistan should ask the United Nations to document all the Kashmiris in IOK and also of the Kashmiri Diaspora across the world.

The conference was also addressed by the President of AJK Mr Sardar Masood Khan. He said said that India is struggling to hold IOK by not letting Kashmiris to participate in elections, attacking them with pellet guns and carrying out large number of killings. Not only Pakistan but international media has also reported the use of pellet guns. He demanded that India should prosecute cases of sexual violence.

Concluding his speech he said the intervention of international community especially the UN’s Security Council to take action against the Human Rights Violation in Indian Occupied Kashmir is necessary.

Rana Athar Javed, Director General, Pakistan House said that the subject under discussion is very significant.

Pakistan House, a non-political organization, strives to bring intellectuals together to give analysis on issues in order to come up with viable solutions. He said that the organization seeks the protection of youth and stopping atrocities.__The News

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