Obama: change ‘won’t come in one election cycle’

Obama: change ‘won’t come in one election cycle’

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WASHINGTON: Former US president Barack Obama spoke of his pride Wednesday over Democratic gains made in the midterm congressional elections — but warned the battle for much-needed reforms had only just begun.

Democrats won the House of Representatives on Tuesday but Republicans increased their majority in the Senate in an election which revealed a country still sharply divided along party lines.

“Our work goes on. The change we need won´t come from one election alone — but it is a start. Last night, voters across the country started it,” Obama said in a statement.

“I´m hopeful that going forward, we´ll begin a return to the values we expect in our public life — honesty, decency, compromise, and standing up for one another as Americans, not separated by our differences, but bound together by one common creed.”

Obama said attention would inevitably be focused on the Democrat´s taking control of the lower chamber of Congress from President Donald Trump´s Republican Party.

But he urged supporters to reflect on how that victory was secured — “by competing in places we haven´t been competitive in a long time, and by electing record numbers of women and young veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, a surge of minority candidates, and a host of outstanding young leaders.”

“The more Americans who vote, the more our elected leaders look like America,” he said.__The News

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