Austria: Secret service offered information by letter

Austria: Secret service offered information by letter

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VIENNA: Even more to the moral picture in Austria’s most important news service, the BVT: After flying up the Sex-WhatsApp messages against female officials and the 200 SMS between the secret service employee P. and the ÖVP politician Werner Amon the (newspaper) “Krone” is presenting now an interesting letter , In it, P. openly offers to another Ministry of Interior’s official “to provide authentic information from BAT” – “off the formal channels”.

Was the intelligence service of the republic for years a secret service self-service store of the ÖVP?”. Asked the parlemantarian Peter Pilz after the scandal of the intensive SMS contact between the former ÖVP Secretary General Amon and the BVT department head P. And indeed, the text messages that are available to the prosecutor, as, of course the ÖVP politician has used his relationship with espionage experts: Since casually backgrounds for terrorist attacks were retrieved or meetings with the head of cabinet of the Interior Minister terminated.

“Information beyond the formal channels”

And the letter in question does not dispel the suspicion of a party political infiltration in the secret service: In this letter, the BVT head of department P. quite concretely offers another high-ranking official in the Ministry of the Interior that he is “always available for authentic information away from the formal channels stands”. P. was active for years in the Young ÖVP, and the addressee of the letter is also clearly attributable to the People’s Party.

And P. then also writes interesting things about his political commitment: “In the background, I am still extremely active, so I stand with the Mr. KC (Note: the Cabinet chief) in an appropriate connection.” As this letter from P. was written, Michael Kloibmüller was cabinet secretary to Interior Minister Maria Fekter (ÖVP). The public prosecutor’s office acccused Kloibmüller in the case BVT, for suspicion of the abuse of power and corruption. For Kloibmüller, who had been brought into the cabinet by Interior Minister Ernst Strasser, the presumption of innocence applies.

Pilz: “Details are to be discussed in the inquiry committee”
“This letter also shows much of the moral picture in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Its clear, there had to be cleaned up. But maybe a little more, as its running under Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, “Peter Pilz announces.
After all, there was previously unproven suspicion that the OVP through P. or other sources in the news service BAT would have had access to extremely sensitive information about political opponents, which may have well influence an election

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