Kashmir: Protest in Gilgit Baltistan for fundamental, constitutional rights

Kashmir: Protest in Gilgit Baltistan for fundamental, constitutional rights

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GILGIT: Massive Protest has been erupted across Gilgit Baltistan upon withdrawal Wheat subsidies and for constitutional rights.

On call of Awami Action Committee (AAC) people of Gilgit Baltistan came on roads after jumma Prayer.

Protesters criticized the ongoing policies of provincial Government and aslo warned Federal government for anti GB policies.
Awami Action Committee said that it rejects GB order 2018 and demands from Government of Pakistan to give full constitutional rights according to decisions of the supreme court of Pakistan decision on Gilgit Baltistan Constitutional Right case 1999.

Wheat subsidy was first introduced by the left wing Z.A. Bhutto in the early 1970s. According to the UN conventions the Pakistani state was obliged to provide subsidies to the people in the disputed areas.

This practice was continued until the demise of the Musharraf government in 2008. When the PPP came into power after abandoning the slogan of socialism and its trademark slogan of “roti, kapda or makaan” (“Food, clothing and shelter”), it initiated a policy of gradual withdrawal of subsidies resulting in price hike from Rs 850 a ton of wheat during Musharaf’s rule to Rs 1100.

As a result of this economic assault, representatives from over 20 religious, nationalist and political organisations came together and formed the Awami Action Committee (AAC) and started a campaign of outright rejection of the policies of both provincial and federal governments.

Protesters not only rejected the withdrawal of the subsidy but also demanded an end to power outages, a halt to the naked exploitation of Gilgit’s mineral resources by multi-nationals, the creation of job opportunities, and to stop the human rights abuses in Gilgit Baltistan.

ACC said protest will be continued until the achievement of all demands of the people of Gilgit Baltistan.

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