Austria: Rudi Fussi charged; Kern’s speechwriter and adviser threatens year in prison!

Austria: Rudi Fussi charged; Kern’s speechwriter and adviser threatens year in prison!

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VIENNA: Once again, the politician caught in the Silberstein election consultancy, the SPÖ. One of the close advisers and speechwriter of ex-chancellor Christian Kern will stand in the court from October – the Viennese recruit Rudi Fußi threatens a year in prison on suspicion of coercion (§ 105 StGB ). As the “Krone” revealed in autumn 2017, Fussi wanted to silence a witness for the prosecution before the National Assembly election to boil over Silberstein affair by sms bombardment.

No matter what the ÖVP has given you. I’ll give you twice of that and make sure that nothing will happen to you legally, “wrote the recruit and close adviser to the SPÖ Chancellor to Anna J., a member of the SPÖ election campaign team. And in the next SMS Rudi Fussi threatened: “You (the SPÖ) Have your telephone records. And sue your ass off. Anna, move. You will never rest. Tomorrow deal or I can not help you anymore. ”

“You do not want to live such a life”

The SMS show how the speech writer of the SPÖ party leader is obviously quite panicked, because Anna J. has also copied his mails to the explosive Silberstein affair from the PC hard drives in the party headquarters and the ÖVP and media has leaked that. In the SMS-continuous fire on the SPÖ employee then wrote Fußi literally: “You would never come out of this mess. You’re the only one who got all the emails. Believe me, you would not like to live such a life. Or do you think the party would leaves you alone when you sink it? “(End quote).

For the current SPÖ leadership under Christian Kern, this indictment is not pleasant. Fußi threatens a year in jail – and it is likely that in the process much more repulsive details of the SPÖ commitment of the Dirty-campaigning specialist Tal Silberstein to become public.___Courtesy

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