Kashmir: Govt change in Pakistan upset GB Government

Kashmir: Govt change in Pakistan upset GB Government

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GILGIT: Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf workers actively celebrated their party’s victory in Gilgit Baltistan. PTI workers showed their strength and celebrated victory of Imran khan by holding a massive rally of hundred of vechiles and motor bikes in Gilgit city.

After the power change in Islamabad; PML N government in Gilgit Baltistan suffer a feeling of insecurity. In last three years Gilgit Baltistan government was very strong as PML N was in power in Islamabad.

Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan did not attend the oath taking ceremony of newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan,only Governor Gilgit Baltistan Mir Ghanzar Ali khan attended the ceremony.

Sources said, that like other provinces, Governor of Gilgit Baltistan will also be changed and Mir Ghazanfar Ali khan, Governor Gilgit Baltistan is going to setp down very soon.

Pakistan Tahreek Insaf had included Gilgit Baltistan rights in its election’s manifesto and now people of GB have a great hope to get their constitutional rights from newely elected PTI Government.

Development of Gilgit Baltsitan now depends upon the working relationships between new pakistani government and Gilgit Baltistan government. It seems that GB government will have to face many difficulties after big changes in federal government.

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