Kashmir: The scenic beauty of Gilgit Baltistan attracts millions of tourists

Kashmir: The scenic beauty of Gilgit Baltistan attracts millions of tourists

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GILGIT: The beautiful areas of Gilgit Baltistan attract millions of tourists every years. Rich culture of GB, beautiful landscape,world highest peaks, and lakes and historic places and very hospitality local people are the main sources of inspiration for tourists.

International Tourist couple from Beijing China inspired by hunza wedding culture and celebrated their life event ( wedding) with hunza wedding traditions at local hotel at karimabad hunza. They said that Hunza was very Beautiful place and they were very inspired by the culture of Hunza so they decided to celebrated wedding event according to hunza culture, and he wished that we would visit hunza again with his family.Local people cooperative with this couple and participated in this event and expressed good wishes for newly married couple .

The GB has very much to offer in four seasons with highest plateaus including Deosai, cultural sites including Altit and Baltit forts in Hunza, Shigar Fort and Khaplu Fort in Baltistan, Waterfalls of Skardu region, ancient rock art carvings and inscriptions along KKH in District Diamer, lush green meadows and lakes in district Ghizer and Astore, Rakaposhi, Diran Peak and Hopper glacier in Nagar, rich culture, dry fruits and hospitality of Hunza that attract tourists to Gilgit-Baltistan

1.72 million have visited Gilgit-Baltistan during 2017 months this year marking a huge growth as compared to 0.5 million tourists who visited during corresponding period last year. The tourists’ visits brought Rs 300 million revenue to the local economy during the last couple of years. The provincial government is expecting 2.5 million national and international visitors in this year.

People of GB are demanding from Govt of Pakistan that Govt should measure more steps to promote tourism industry in GB, Connect GB with other parts of world and reopen its borders roads with Indian occupied kasmir from Astore and askardu. Govt should development the infrastructure in GB and built more road to easy access the beautiful valleys of GB which are still unexplored.

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