Kashmir: Fourth Schedule in GB is a tool to stifle the deman for constitutional rights

Kashmir: Fourth Schedule in GB is a tool to stifle the deman for constitutional rights

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GILGIT: The political parties,youth organizations and civil society termed the enforcement of the Fourth Schedule in Gilgit-Baltistan as a tool to stifle the demand for constitutional rights for the GB people and violation of freedom of speech and basic human rights

They alleged that names of students, religious scholars, political and social activists had been put in the schedule with a view to harass them .Awami Action Committee chairman,GB Bar Council,federal and nationalist parties demanding immediate removal of fourth schedule from Gilgit baltistan otherwise they have decided to start a powerful movement against government.

The activits said the fourth schedule is used against terrorists and ati state actors but Govt used this to threaten the peaceful political, social and student activists of gilgit baltistan.
Awami Action Committee chairman Maulana Sultan Raees said the use Fourth Schedule against the political opponents was not a good omen for the state, and demanded removal of names of students and workers of AAC from the schedule.

Government has put the chairman Awami Action Committee Baltistan Syed Ali Razvi in the list of Fouth Schedule with our political and social activists.

Ali Razvi is also is office holder and sectary General of MWM (Majlis e Wahdat ul Musimeen ) Gilgit- Baltistan, Political and religious Party of Pakistan and he is very active political and religious person of GB, Razvi has Played very active role in all basics and political rights Movements in Gilgit- Baltistan.

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