Kashmir: G-B chief secretary snubs man demanding health facilities, video goes viral

Kashmir: G-B chief secretary snubs man demanding health facilities, video goes viral

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GILGIT: A video clips has gone viral on social media, showing the Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) chief secretary snubbing a poor man for demanding health facilities in remote Ghanche valley of the area.

The tone and tenor of Chief Secretary Babar Hayat Tarar in the video stirred widespread anger as it was taken as a humiliation and disgrace to a region that has a long history of sacrifices for the country.

“Tell me how much tax do you pay? Tell me,” Tarar asked the man who was asking for services of a gynecologist for the hospital, saying, “Our mothers and sisters die of lack of health facilities.”

“Put your hand down and tell me if you paid a single penny as tax?” Tarar went on asking in an aggressive tone.

The man replied that G-B was a disputed territory.

“No you aren’t disputed. Government provides the region Rs100 billion, and what is your contribution in return. Tell me?” Tarar continued.

The video clip was filmed apparently in Ghanche valley where Tarar was on his maiden visit after assuming charge of his office last month.

Social media has been flooded with comments from people of G-B, who are now demanding suspension and transfer of the chief secretary.

“This man has insulted the whole region,” said Awami Action Committee Chairman Sultan Raees, who is leading the demonstration for rights in the region.

He asked authorities to take action against the official in question for the comments that hurt people across the board.

Famous human rights activist Afrasiab Khattak tweeted, “This is the tone & tenor of the bureaucratic overlord. The competent authority must ask the Chief Secretary to explain his position on this. Is demanding a gynecologist for the entire Ghanche valley a crime? Citizens or subjects?”

The alliance of opposition parties has also asked the prime minister to post out the chief secretary or else people will force him to go. “He is acting like a lord. He isn’t a lord rather a servant and he should behave like a servant,” the alliance observed.

The information department, however, came to the rescue of the chief secretary, saying that some elements were trying to start a propaganda based on the ‘edited video’ of public servant.

“The same person had for five times used anti-state remarks on the pretext of appointing a gynecologist,” said information department on its Facebook page, though the video clip did not have anything against Pakistan.__Tribune.com

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