Austria: “More violence in hospitals” since refugee rush

Austria: “More violence in hospitals” since refugee rush

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VIENNA: “Nobody dares say so far”, explains Heinrich Schneider and speaks plaintext: “The violence in the Viennese hospitals has increased since the migration movement in 2015!

Heinrich Schneider is a staff representative at Wilhelminenspital and is sick of the growing brutality in the clinics. He now demands: Each patient should be allowed only one companion.

There are always such conflicts, “explains Schneider. Especially when different nationalities meet. Each patient comes with a larger group of relatives and the ambulance can become a danger zone. “IThis can completely escalate a situation,” says the staff representative.

“Violence must not be an occupational risk”

“There are also tumults when patients are brought forward.” Especially when Austrian people come earlier – for purely medical reasons. Worn knives, threats, insults, brawls – the situation in the hospitals in Vienna is getting worse and worse. “Violence must not be an occupational risk,” explains Schneider, who also has clear demands:

  • Fewer escorts. “We need signs in German, English and Arabic that only one additional person is allowed per patient,” says the works council. The situation can be less rapid. And: “A central recording has only a limited space.”
  • More security guards. Schneider would like to have a third security employee at the Wilhelminenspital. So far, there are just two – that’s too smal!
  • Studies and surveys. There are no clear figures on the part of the Hospital Association about attacks in the Vienna hospitals. They would work on a system, they say. Until then, the problem is not measurable.

“Does not want to be treated by woman”

The staff representative also wants refugees to be educated about how the home health system works. “I do not want to be treated by a woman,” is a sentence that regularly falls in the hospital. Schneider: “As lady doctors are not accepted, arrangements  queried or not followed.”

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