Austria: Asylum seekers should pay for their accommodation in future

Austria: Asylum seekers should pay for their accommodation in future

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VIENNA: After the proposal for asylum accommodation outside EU, the next push of the turquoise-blue government in matters of asylum policy follows:

Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) now wants to implement the regulations to access the cash carried by refugees. Asylum seekers should “make a contribution to the cost of basic services,” says Kickl. The proposal should be implemented quickly: The proposal is to pass the Council of Ministers next week.

Now it’s time to hit, as at the beginning of the year, Kickl had announced changes in the law for aliens. Next week, the aggrivation will be introduced to the Council of Ministers. Included in the package is, among other things, the withdrawal of money from asylum seekers. Accordingly, migrants must make their own contribution to the food and accommodation provided to them in Austria.

Access to geodata

Access to mobile geodata also plays a role in the package. This is necessary to accelerate the sometimes “expensive” research in the asylum procedure: “It costs money.” In part, asylum seekers would tell “adventurous escape stories” that could easily be checked in this way.

“Continuity of detention” for delinquent asylum seekers

In addition, it needs the opportunity to take criminal asylum seekers in a so-called hookup detention, so Kickl. They should not be released before serving their prison sentence. The Minister of the Interior argues: “This gap must be closed.” In addition, asylum seekers who have become delinquent will automatically lose the residence permit. “It can not be so, that someone who attack a member of the host society where he seeks protection can continue to claim the residence permit.”

The Kickl’s proposals are criticised in the social media. A Twitter user wrote: “Kickl wants to spend their money on asylum seekers, because they often come with substantial amounts of cash. Because such an escape costs money maybe? Such a good Christian the Kickl. “Another user commented angrily:” … and then shorten the development fund, so there is no more money for action or help on the ground. Are you crazy?”

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