Austria: Afghan men for headscarf ban in compulsory school students

Austria: Afghan men for headscarf ban in compulsory school students

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As young Afghan men, we are in favor of a headscarf ban for compulsory school students.

Mostly, parents decide if their daughters wear headscarves or not. In classes, the pressure to wear a headscarf is passed on to other Muslim girls.

The children are the future of this country. They should be able to complete their education in such a way that the common and the humanity are placed above the dividing line. That allows integration. We would wish that all parents have education as important as religion.

From our experience, we understand very well how great the pressure is on many children, especially girls, in many religious Muslim families. Absolute obedience is often demanded by force.

In Austria children have rights. They are taken seriously and most parents talk to them instead of beating them. Women are legally equal and protected from violence.

Unfortunately, these human rights are not available to children and women in Afghanistan.

Our association therefore supports two women’s projects in Afghanistan. There, the lawless women and girls are allowed their own income and access to education.

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