Austria: ex-diplomat suspected of abuse in baby murder case

Austria: ex-diplomat suspected of abuse in baby murder case

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VIENNA: The case of the killed baby in the Vienna Donauspital took a new turn on Monday: the grandfather of the eight-month-old boy allegedly sexually abused his four-year-old sister. Maybe that was the trigger for the deed of the mother, which probably stifled her baby after the suspicion.

The suspect grandfather of the children is not stranger and was publicly criticized years ago: The former Austrian ambassador to China and spokesman for a foreign minister was recalled from the Austrian Embassy in Beijing. The reason was persistent rumors, according to which the high-ranking diplomat to have operated a telephone sex ring and maintained relations with prostitutes pubilically. He himself denied the allegations and later worked for the Ministry of the Interior in Brussels.

family meeting

At a family reunion on the Christmas holidays in the apartment of the suspect in Styria, the pensioner should have abused his granddaughter. The incident is likely to have disturb the mother mentally. After the parents suspected that the girl could have been sexually abused, the mother went with her two children to Vienna’s SMZ East. There, the family was psychologically treated for in a mother-and-child room.

The Vienna police started the investigation. Meanwhile, the mother’s psychological burden may have become so great that the 37-year-old should have suffocated her son with a pillow last Wednesday. After that, the woman cut the arteries on the grounds of the hospital in suicidal intent. Since a nurse found her, she survived scarce.

The 37-year-old is currently in custody and will continue to be mentored in a closed psychological department. Why she should have killed her son and left her daughter intact, must be clarified in investigation.


Meanwhile, the grandfather faces the suspicion of serious child abuse. Nina Bussek, the spokesperson for the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed that police remand was issued for the former diplomats on Monday. “Over the next few days, he will be interrogated by a judge,” Bussek says.

According to his lawyer Rudolf Mayer, the pensioner does not understand why the four-year-old made the allegations. There had never been anything like that. “For his arrest the statements of the child is enough, even without substantive evidence,” said the defender. Since the rumors about possible misuse of the ambassador ran in the air at that time, the man is considered innocent. According to lawyer Mayer, the four-year-old is to be interrogated again in the coming

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