What the Viennese lose on New Year’s Eve

What the Viennese lose on New Year’s Eve

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VIENNA: 75,500 items were handed in last year at the central lost property service of the city of Vienna, which corresponds to 207 items per day. The classics are next to keys, purses and cell phones. Much is being lost, particularly on the New Year’s Eve Trail in Vienna’s city center, because on January 1, employees of the MA 48 register 10 per cent more items in the five find boxes along the way.

If you start losing your purse or key in 2018, you will not start the new year well. But especially on the New Year’s Eve, much is lost. “Vienna is the difference vanishingly small, but in the five Fundboxen in the 1st district, we recorded an increase in the objects in it by about ten percent,” said Ulrike Volk, press officer of the MA 48th Especially scarves, gloves and hoods find the way in the Fundbox and from there finally to the lost property office, in which all sorts of strange stories take place.

Trombone that nobody picks up

Generally, the more valuable an item is, the more likely it will be to call the Fund Office and ask for it. It is not only about monetary, but of course also on the intangible value. “Once a trombone was delivered, which was even expensive, but never picked up by the owner,” says Volk in City4U-Talk. The staff of the Lost Property Office are also always in contact with the police, as such items are first clarified as to whether they have not been stolen. Things that are worth more than ten euros, remain up to a year in the Central Lost Property. Scarves, gloves and these things will last for about three months. “If they have not been picked up by then, they will be donated to facilities such as the Crypt or sold back to the ’48 Tandler,” explains Volk.

A lot of research

The work in the lost property office requires a lot of research. “Once a design folder was handed out with 30 drawings on the documents was a reference to the school and so could find the student who has lost the folder.She was very happy, because per drawing it took two hours,” describes People the beautiful moments in the lost property office. Of course, there is also sadness and disappointment in the faces of people who in vain ask about their lost belongings. “The Richard Lugner was already here with us, he had lost his purse, but no one has ever done anything about it,” says the employee of MA 48.

“I have not lost anything”

But some people are rather unlucky. “A gentleman had lost his wallet two times in a row, and when it came up, it still had the bar code used to equip all the items sticking to it from the last loss, allowing the owner to be quickly spied out,” smiles Volk. Another yellow mortar with driver’s license was also given. The owner was contacted by the lost property office, but insisted he had lost nothing. “After a while he figured out that he lost his wallet nine years ago, apparently it was located somewhere and was not given away until then,” says Volk. Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that among the 75,500 objects that were handed in at the Central Repository Service of the City of Vienna, is the one who has lost himself: “It does not appear again,” emphasizes Ulrike Volk.__Kurier.at

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