AJK president asks UN to implement its resolution on Kashmir

AJK president asks UN to implement its resolution on Kashmir

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WASHINGTON: The United Nations (UN) should quit being negligent about Kashmir’s plight and implement its resolutions to give freedom to Kashmiri people, said Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan.

Speaking to The News here on Tuesday at the Pakistani embassy, he repeated that Kashmir should not become a nuclear flash point in the region, and Pakistan strives to resolve the issue through dialogue. He insisted that President Trump should play his role in this regard, pointing out that the US president had hinted to do so during his election campaign.

The AJK president addressed the local community later on and said that there were no terrorist camps in the Azad Kashmir area, but it was actually India committing terrorism in the held Kashmir. He reiterated that the Kashmiri people are not begging to international community because it is their right to ask for independence.

He pointed out that seventy years ago the Muslim population in Jammu was around 63 per cent yet the Indian administration through its atrocities has brought down the number to 33 per cent. He said that “village defense committees have been set up by the Indians and have took in more than 27,000 volunteers as well as 54,000 licences have been issued under the pretext to keep eye on terrorist activities, yet what they actually do is watch and run down Muslim population.”

He pleaded the diaspora to play its role in highlighting Indian atrocities in Jammu and Kashmir, pledging that Pakistan will stand by Kashmiris morally, politically and diplomatically. He said that in his meetings with American officials he has pointed out that Pakistan wants to resume dialogue with India and the international community should come forward to support the effort.__The News

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