Austria: Resistance grows; The federal states are fighting for their power

Austria: Resistance grows; The federal states are fighting for their power

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VIENNA: They have all been out of politics for a long time – and yet a group around Hans Peter Haselsteiner, Brigitte Ederer and ex-Vice-Chancellor Josef Pröll believes that a proposal – reported by the “Krone” – will put Austria on a new footing. Ironically, in politically turbulent times burst the debate triggered by them over the disempowerment of the States outside the capital. The resistance to these plans is huge.

How ithis all should work; was presented on Tuesday in Vienna. There are talks of a redistribution of tasks between the Federation and the States. Accordingly, laws are only to be passed in Vienna, and the budget would then be determined from Vienna. In short, this means nothing else than the abolition and disempowerment of the federal states.

Two details of the concept, in which Josef Pröll and the former Chamber of Labor Director Werner Muhm have worked for three years: There would be no more state laws, moreover, a large part of the assets of the states and municipalities would be transferred to the federal government.

All this now leads to a huge protest of the federal states. Carinthian SPÖ Governor Peter Kaiser says: “The states will not let themselves be incapacitated, but when it comes to the elimination of duplication, then one can talk about it, but I do not allow interference in my state constitution.”

His Upper Austrian colleague Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) does not see it much differently: “I do not want the state parliament abolished, but if you want to shape a region, you also have to have the political possibilities.” Legislation and enforcement are part of that. ”

With a conclusive argument, the head of the district of Salzburg Wilfried Haslauer (ÖVP) rejects the reformists: “I am convinced that federal structures are in the long term more efficient, closer to the citizens, much more legitimated and thus democratically much better legitimized.”

“States are not a luxury”

The Tyrolean governor Günther Platter, former Interior Ministera, also says very clearly: “For me, federalism is not an expensive luxury, but an integral part of our state and the only proven guarantor of the survival of the regions in this country Country.”

And Johanna Mikl-Leitner (ÖVP), who is the head of Lower Austria, even goes a step further and demands from Vienna: “The need of the hour is a clear division of power between the federal government and the States and no duplication.”__Photo

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