Austria: More money for police trainees and guards

Austria: More money for police trainees and guards

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VIENNA: More money will be available from 1 December for police student and judicial officers in training. State Secretary Muna Duzdar (SPÖ) has issued a new “Special Contracts Directive” which raises salaries. Duzdar wants to attract more people for these jobs so that they can fill the vacancies.

Currently, police trainees receive 1255 euros in the first year and on average in the second year 1658 euros per month. The amendment will increase salaries by € 340 per month. The same measure exists in parallel for the judicial guard. During the one-year basic training, salaries will be increased from current 1255 to around 2,000 euros including allowances.

This will cost 10 million euros
This affects about 2000 aspirants in the police and about 110 new arrivals per year at the judicial guard. The costs amount to about 9.5 million euros in the police and to an additional 500,000 euros in the judicial guard – a total of about ten million euros.

In a statement Duzdar said that under black and blue (ÖVP &FPÖ) had come to a massive reduction in the police and also the salaries for the police trainees were reduced. “Now we do not have the forces we need urgently in the police service, and despite the fact that many new posts have been created in recent years, we have a few police officers on the street.” “In order to actually fill the available posts, we need a targeted and high quality education of ours Executive.”

Current salary for persons with family too small

Also, because the pay during training is currently rather low, there are less application from Jung people in police service. “For someone who has a family to feed, an apartment or a house to pay for, it is not possible to work for such a small salary for two years, and so it is difficult to find older applicant too, Colleagues have often told me about the problem during police inspections, “Duzdar said.

“Policemen participate in difficult assignments during their apprenticeship and do a responsible job, which should also be compensated.” Therefore, she has decided to increase the salaries of police trainees, said the Secretary of State. “On the one hand, to increase motivation to apply to the police as a whole, but above all to increase the mix of different age groups in the service.”

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