Austria: That went too far; law against dirty politics now!

Austria: That went too far; law against dirty politics now!

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VIENNA: Austria should not see again such a dirty election campaign as one currently going on! ÖVP and SPÖ are agreed to formulate a which couldprevent the evil attacks against the top candidates. ÖVP Secretary General Elisabeth Köstinger wants to start it in the next legislature period.

The climate is poisoned

The “new ÖVP” lead by Sebastian Kurz accuses the chancellor party SPÖ, to poisning the political climate in Austria. The Reds, on the other hand, give the Blacks a “complicity” precisely on this question because they would have tried to influence a man from Silberstein’s troop. Who known what when, ultimately the courts will have to clarify – investigations are currentyl underway in all directions.

“Quickly implement the law”

The Foreign Minister and the OVP candidate suggested to formulate and set up a law against muddle campaigns and he immediately obtained the approval of the Federal Chancellor Kern. When the new regulation come into force is completely unclear – whereby ÖVP Secretary General Köstinger provides a timetable: “The new law can be implemented quickly in the new legislative period.” __die Kronen Zeitung

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