Vienna: “Burqa ban”, conflict, cases and attacks

Vienna: “Burqa ban”, conflict, cases and attacks

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VIENNA: Since introduction, its frequently happening that private persons want to enforce the “Burka ban”. Lastly, there was a conflict in a Viennese subway station.

A 41-year-old has apparently forced a 17-year-old to take off the face veil at the U3 station Zieglergasse, whereupon the 17-year- Woman obviously pushed.

A second woman came and was obviously also attacked by the Muslim, whereupon these 20 people came to support, claimed police, which broke intervene quickly. The woman was charged for personal injury and Burqa ban.

Documentary: Veiled women would emigrate

As in this case, it appears that more and more people have tried to ban the ban: In the U6 there was an interruption of the train service, because a veiled woman was embattled by passers-by. The “documentary anti-Islamic anti-Muslim racism” reports an accumulation of such incidents: five corresponding reports were registered.

This place (criticized by critics of the Burqa ban) also reports of two families who have decided to emigrate to Serbia or to Egypt. And at least in one case the children were discharged from the school and were now taught at home because the Niqab-bearing mother could not pick them up.__Die Presse

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