Italy: A Timeless ART EXHIBITION in Sicily

Italy: A Timeless ART EXHIBITION in Sicily

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SICILY: From 19th to 24th September, Belmond Grand Hotel will host the works by the illustrious artist Lorenzo Chinnici (Meri, 1942). Not only is the exhibition an exciting artistic experience, it also provides an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular setting of one the world’s most stunning terraces, wrapped in the sweeping embrace of the Greek Theatre, ancient Sicily’s most famous monument and the unforgettable view of Sicily’s eastern coast, framed by the glittering waters of the Ionian Sea and the slumbering mass of Mount Etna.

In the monograph on Lorenzo Chinnici, Vittorio Sgarbi wrote: “If sight does not reveal the truth, memory and interior image will help to confirm that the eye is the most imaginative of the senses”. Indeed, our senses will enable us to appreciate Chinnici’s works in the setting of the Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, a luxurious residence full of memories, a place whose history is interwoven to that of important, iconic characters, like Klimt or Wagner, as well as to several poets and writers, like Guy de Maupassant, D.H. Lawrence, Oscar Wilde and many others.

This exceptional setting is where Lorenzo Chinnici is opening his new exhibition, finally in his homeland after having exposed his works in international venues like Paris, Milan, London and New York. Indeed, the moment has come for Chinnici to return to his roots. Picturesque scenes of beaches, fishermen, wooden ships, washer women and peasants at work in the fields, populated with symbolic, ‘faceless’ figures, evoke the colors and memories of a Sicily ruled by the moods of sky and sea. They depict what has become a luxury only for privileged people: time.

Opening on invitation only.

Lorenzo Chinnici ;,,  +39 338 1037497

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo
Alessandra Lo Re
Pr Manager Area Sicily

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