Indian Army May Use ‘Stink Bomb’ to Control Stone-pelters in Kashmir

Indian Army May Use ‘Stink Bomb’ to Control Stone-pelters in Kashmir

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The perfume capital of India ‘Kannauj’ known for its fragrances has now come up with a unique ‘stink bomb’, which might be used to control the errant stone-pelting in Jammu and Kashmir and other regions.
The scientists at Fragrance and Flavour Development Center (FFDC) located in Kannauj have made a unique ‘stink bomb’. This bomb is of size of a capsule and can be used instead of a pellet gun; also this ‘foul smell bomb’ can be launched from the same gun which is used to fire tear-gas shells.
According to the scientists at FFDC, the smoke of this unique ‘stink bomb’ will rise along with an unbearable stink; people will not be generally able to tolerate it. As per the scientists of FFDC, the smell of capsules is unbearable, but it has no ill effects on the health of the person. After the necessary clearances and approval of Defence Research and Development Organization and the Ministry of Defence, it will be handed over to the Army.
Speaking to ETV, Shakti Vinay Shukla, Principal Director, FFDC said that this ‘stink bomb’ has been prepared by filling the smelling chemicals in a small capsule. This will soon be tested in Gwalior Defence Laboratory. “The army could use it after the trials are done and are successful. The Ministry of Defence has approved its testing on the initiative of union minister Giriraj Singh,’ he said.

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