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If you want to eat the latest, tastiest, most cutting-edge Spanish tapas don’t go to Spain this spring… head to Vienna instead. Because a Michelin Star team of Spanish chefs are flying in from country’s culinary heartland, Galicia.

Say adios to stodgy paella, limp croquettes and watery sangria and hola to basil squid and hake croquant, lime and ginger shrimp ceviche and world famous wines and bespoke prize-winning gin cocktails.

These could be some of the star dishes at the Meliá Vienna Hotel´s Galicia Week this April showcasing the finest artisan products from Galicia, northwest Spain – Spain’s best-kept secret.

“Galicia is where the Spanish go on holiday when they want to eat well,” says coordinator Pilar

Canas. “We want Austrians to discover what the Spanish have been keeping secret for years!”

Galicia Week kicks off with the Galician Gourmet Extravaganza food fair, open only to food and drink industry professionals, which takes place on Tuesday 4th of April from 10am to 6pm. Unique delicacies will be on show from Galicia, known for its exquisite meat, fish, seafood and wines, spirit drinks and liqueurs.

And then on the 4th and 5th of April, the Hotel Meliá Vienna showcases a Michellin Star Flavours of Galicia six-course taster evening menu for the general public.

The menus will be served in the hotel’s stunning 57th floor restaurant – aptly named 57 Restaurant – the highest skyscraper in Austria. Six unique dishes with five wines, it won’t be like anything you’ve ever tasted before.

So come and discover authentic Spain at its best. Wonders like gooseneck barnacles, cooked in fresh sea water – considered one of the finest seafood delicacies in the world. Fishermen risk their lives picking them from jagged cliffs battered by 9m waves on Galicia´s perilous Coast of Death.

Galicia´s wild octopus, prized throughout Spain, award-winning Galician veal and p o r k –
b o t h n a t i v e b r e e d s – a n d delicious serrano ham and chorizos currently wowing Japan. There´s even a silver birch smoked cheese, so prized it was used to barter with in the Middle Ages.

Accompanying all this amazing food are some of the best wines in the world and award- winning spirit drinks and liqueurs. Some wines so good they were selected twice by former United States president Barack Obama for White House dinners.

The Meliá Vienna´s Galicia Week promises to turn the concept of Spanish food on its head.

Come along and discover why…
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