Kashmir: CPEC protest strike in Bhimber, 6 injured

Kashmir: CPEC protest strike in Bhimber, 6 injured

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MIR PUR: The Prime minister of pakistani adminstrated Kashmir (so called Azad Kashmir) visited on 18th February District Bhimber. He was received by hundreds of protesters at Baab-e-Kashmir.

According to the Kashmiri news papers reports, the people were protesting against the purposed project of CPEC (Pakistan China Economic Corridor) in Bhimber.

According to the reports; the resident of (men and women) Serla, Mohra, Sadha and Machhia were protesting against the illegal occupation of their 1000 acers ancestral land by the government for the purposed CPEC project.

The reports say that some cars of the Prime Minister’s convey hits some protesters to the ground which anger the protesters. On behalf of the senior minister Chaudhry Farooq Tariq; whom the protesters named the “Head of Landmafia”; the police charged the protesters.

According to the media reports six protesters including one police man injured and shifted to hospital. The Baab-eKashmir turned into battle ground.

The Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider’s convey rushed from the scene without meeting the protesters, change the prescribed route and went to Samahni.

Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq; the ex speaker of the AJK Assembly condemned the act as “barbaric” and unacceptable. While speaking to the press conference at the scene in Bhimber, he said, that people were just trying to meet the PM to tell him about the situation. He said the illegal theft of ancestral land by force is an internation crime. The protesters wanted the PM to intervene to get them their ancestral land back or to pay them its actual price.

That is their fundemental right.

He claims that state adminstration is now going to file criminal cases against the protesters in order to silent their voices. He claims that the leaders of Jimmat Islami, PTI and PPP also called him on phone and express their solidarity and support for the suppress people of Bhimber.

He claimed if a judicial commission would not be formed within 72 hours, the protest will spread to the whole of districts and Kashmir.

The Leader of Jimmat Islami and the candidate of constituency Bhimber; Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Akhtar also condemend the action of police sharply and express his full support for the just cause of the people of Bhimber. __Daily Kashmir Express

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