Kashmir: Authorities should investigate wrong doings in Mirpur University of Science and Technology

Kashmir: Authorities should investigate wrong doings in Mirpur University of Science and Technology

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By South Asia Watch; Dr Shabir Chaudhry

What goes on in Mirpur University of Science and Technology is disgraceful, said one critic. The University is not run as an educational institution; rather it is run like a personal fiefdom where Vice Chancellor is allegedly behaving like a ‘mafia don’.

It is claimed by critics that this maladministration where merit and justice is a taboo word; innocent and vulnerable students suffer, especially female students who become victims of the ‘mafia’ which allegedly operates in the University.

Female students and some male students are asked to come and see lecturers and Professors at home at night if they want to get good grades. One female student with tears in her eyes said to the investigating team:

‘We come here to learn that we can play a constructive role in the society and help of our families; and not sell our bodies’.

‘Some teachers give us very low marks and when we complain that we got nearly all the questions correct then why we are given low marks. With evil smile on their faces they say if you want a good grade come and see me in the evening’, she said while wiping her tears. ‘We want good grades on strength of our ability and hard work, and not by indulging in immoral activity with teachers.’

Students revealed these bitter facts on the condition of anonymity; and added that, of course, there are some very good and professional teachers who help and support us. However, list of bad ones is increasing as they are encouraged by crimes of others who continue with these evil crimes with impunity.

In this regard, some boys also complained of favouritism and maltreatment; but they also begged us not to mention their names as this will bring shame to them and their families.

After compiling a report, this matter was brought to the attention of the Vice Chancellor of the MUST. He was shocked to hear this. There was a long silence and after recovering from the shock he asked the investigating team ‘who told you all this’?

There was no robust denial from him. He said sometimes people make allegations to defame me and the University. It could be a team of the previous Vice Chancellor who did many wrong things in the University; and later on he was disgracefully removed from his position.

The research team said, ‘Sir we have interviewed a number of male and female students and have very carefully compiled our report’. He was taken aback by this and insisted to know names of the students who gave this information.

The investigating team refused to reveal names of the students or even name of the departments where these evil crimes were being committed. They said some of the culprits are close to him and fear is that they will victimise the students.

The Vice Chancellor, almost begging, requested the investigating team not to make this public or let the media know this because the University is already under investigation for some other issues and this news will harm the university, which is your university. People of the area benefit from it; and I will make sure that this matter is investigated.

The investigating team waited many months to see if there were any discernible changes or anyone punished or reprimanded. It was sad to note that nothing was done to this complaint; and those culprits were more aggressive and revengeful.

The victims refused to say anymore and said, ‘nothing has changed; and we don’t want to get in trouble’.

We request the President and Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir to investigate this matter and punish the culprits, who are hunting the vulnerable students. It is possible that the alleged ‘mafia’ in the MUST is operating with the blessing of top officials of the University; and there could be other crimes taking place which are not yet known.

Also we request investigating agencies and Higher Education Authority of Pakistan to look in to this matter, as these evil crimes of targeting vulnerable male and female students and black mailing cannot and must not be allowed to continue. __South Asia Watch

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